Adriana Koleva
I'm very glad I found these classes, because they help me get in touch with a sport that has seemed very inaccessible to me. And Ralitsa and Stoyan are wonderful coaches who are consistent with everyone's level and make you do your best.
Silviya Tsvetkova
To visit a gymnastics facility was a dream come true for me! I was recommended Flyspring, and for a good reason - the training sessions go extremely pleasant and imperceptible. Rally and Stoyan present the exercises very thoroughly and well, and I see an improvement in the technique within a few visits. And that's very motivating! People in the groups are also very friendly, the hall is spacious and full of "toys". I love these classes!
Rumyana Karakachanova
I've always thought artistic gymnastics was for aliens, but with Raly and Stoyan, the toughest things happen somehow ... easily - even when you're a beginner. I am also fascinated by the handstand and adult gymnastics classes, fun and enjoyable. I highly recommend!
Antonia Trifonova
Smiling, positive, thoughtful PROFESSIONALS! A great team and great coaches!
Extremely interesting and useful gymnastic exercises, developing flexibility and coordination. Coaches are fun and demanding. I like and recommend strongly for those who love new challenges!
Ivan Mandevski
 Serious people and great attitude! While I was shooting their training session I learned how to squat properly and jump on a trampoline!
Alexander Cvetkov
I am very pleased with both handstand and adult gymnastics classes! Coaches are extremely supportive and well-intentioned. Their purpose is to help you and show you new things you really need, not just to get by and go home. I did not expect such an attitude and approach to physical training at all. A great Bravo from me! In my opinion, things should happen with a lot of responsibility and love for what is being taught.
Deyan Dimitrov
 I recently had the opportunity to attend Ralitsa and Stoyan's outdoor strength and mobility workout. They had prepared a great combination of exercises that had a very positive effect on the body. The coaches were next to the participants all the time and spotted for the proper technique of the exercises. When needed, they helped with advice and they were very careful to do all the exercises properly. By that, they created a relaxed and positive atmosphere for training, which is a sign of their qualities and attitude towards the sport and the people they are coaching. I wish you every success in your work! 🙂